Monday, January 3, 2011

52 New Things in the New Year!!

Ok, so ....I know.  It has been over 2 months since my last post.  Clearly, I couldn't handle blogging and working.  However, it is a new year, and I'm READY!  I've been thinking a lot about this blog and how much I really want to keep it up.  Today, I decided that my new and improved blog is going to be "52 New Things in the New Year."  So, what does that mean exactly?  Well, I'm going to try 1 new thing ever week for the next year.  I kind of have a hard time trying new things.  I like what I like, you know?  So, I thought this would be a great idea!  Hopefully (fingers crossed) I will stick to this!  Don't get too excited right away though.  These things don't have to be wild and crazy.  I'll do my best, but a new thing no matter how wild is my goal.  Take #1 for example....

1.  Painting my nails a COLOR!! Yes, that's right!  A color!!  Let Me Entertain You is the color I have on my nails.  This may not be new to you, but to me?  Oh yes!  I'm a French Manicure kind of gal.  I always have been.  SO, my new thing for this week is painting my nails a beautiful color...and I like it! Check it out... on to what you all really care about...Ryder!  Man is he huge!  I can't believe how fast he has grown.  Everyone warned me!  Where to start?!?!
 I'm sure everyone has heard the story, but after 3 days back to work, Ryder hit my in the eye with his finger nail.  The doctor said he "took a chunk out of my cornea."  So, I ended up missing another week of work.  It was really painful!

Moving on...Marc and I spent Thanksgiving in Mississippi.  We had such a great time and ate lots of good food!  Since we were going to be in Texas for Christmas, we went ahead and had our Christmas with my family at Thanksgiving.  Here are some pics!

 Haley came home from Thailand!!  Yah!!  She finally got to meet Ryder and reunite with Hutch.  Look at what she brought them!! haha! 
 What a precious family! 
 Mee Maw making Ryder laugh! 

 This picture makes my heat smile! 

 Ready for some turkey and Mee Maw's dressing! 

In December we went to San Antonio with Daniella and Jason (Marc's sister and husband).  We took the kids on the River Walk and had a blast!  The next day, we went to Marc's Uncle's house where we hung out with his whole family.  It was great seeing everyone! 

Before we left:

 This is a picture of Jordan and Ryder on the River Walk.  Clearly, Ryder can't hang with his cousin Jordy! 
Grandpy and Gigi with the babies!
Family pic. 

Next, Christmas in the Woodlands with Marc's family.  We had a blast, and AGAIN...ate too much!  

Marc with Ryder!  haha! 

My precious niece! 

Jordan and Ryder got these Chevy cars for Christmas.  Aren't they cute!  Ryder got the little push car that Jordan is on!  Can you see her?  Too cute! 
 Mamo and Ryder
 Marc and Fisher

 Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree! 

So, I officially spent my first Christmas away from home.  It was great being with Marc and his family and seeing the way that they do things.  As soon as Gloria pulled out the Honey Baked Turkey, I knew everything would be ok!! haha! (my mom always has one for us!) It's great being married into a family that does things like my own family! 

Finally, we went to Austin for New Year's.  My mom, dad, and Haley were there also. We got to ring in the New Year with a new little blessing Hazel Claire Hoskinson.  She looks just like Lindsey.  She is beautiful!  

 Look at all of that HAIR!!  WOW!! 

Finally (again), Ryder completed his first trial run at the daycare today!  The school was opened.  So, I went to work for a little while and he got acquainted with his new friends!  Here he is all dressed up and ready to learn! 

So now we are to January!  WOW!!  Time flies! Haley made it back from Thailand safe and sound.  She is staying with Marc and me until she figures out what she wants to do.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she stays close to home.  We miss her wayyy too much when she is gone!!  
I hope all of you are ready to bring on the New Year!  I also hope that it is filled with lots of love and many blessings.

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  1. Aww... Carly!! I love reading your blog!! I can't wait to read about your 52 new things! :) Love you and Miss you!!!!