Thursday, December 29, 2011

...And We're BACK!

 Hello!  Hello!  I doubt there are too many people reading this because I did take a short leave of absence, BUT I'm ready to try again.  I figured out that having a new baby, working, and building a new house was enough newness for me.  I don't need to do 52 things in the new year.  This new year I hope to only have 1 new thing in the new year...continue reading to see what that great expectation will be!

Ok, I know it has been nearly 2 years since our wedding BUT it took us nearly this entire time to get our pictures.  Yes, photographer nightmare.  If you want to know who NOT to hire for your wedding, contact me.  However, the pictures did turn out lovely.  I love my dress.  I'm just saying...I really do.  If it still fit I would wear it around my house, but I can assure it does not.  Anyway, here are some of my favorites from the wedding.  Enjoy!


There are TONS more great pics, but I'm going to stop here!  If you want to see more just message me.  I think there are about 400!  
So....what else is new?  We moved into our new home in May.  Below is a picture.  We love it!  I started a new job.  It is good to be close to home, but I miss my friends TONS from Hairgrove.  I am now teaching 5th grade, not 4th. 

Haley helped us move in and then left us for Thailand shortly after.  I miss her tons = (  Little Ryder man REALLY misses her too! Marc finished his PhD in August and walked in December.  I am so proud of him and all of his hard work.  Like I've said before, I really hope Ryder gets his educational ambition!  

Speaking of Ryder, he turned 1 in August.  I can't believe it.  He is the light of my life.  He makes everything so much fun, and that!  That's all I have to say! 

I have tons more of those too that I have to get uploaded.  I will post them all later.  
Well, that's it from me.  We are just returning from a FABuLOUS Christmas in Mississippi. I will post about it this week.  I had a WONDERFUL time and miss my family already.  
My mom is in the air somewhere over the Pacific right now headed to Thailand to visit Haley.  I know they are going to have a BLAST!!!  Get good pics Haley!  
Finally, let's see who is still reading...Great Expectations are headed our way!  It looks like Ryder is going to be a big brother!  I'm 15 weeks, due June 17th!  Keep us in your prayers.  We are super excited!