Saturday, March 17, 2012

Family, Friends, and Fun!

On February 10th we woke up at 3:30am (an hour I have not seen in quite some time!) and headed to the airport.  Our dear friends, Veronica and Adrian, got married in Park City, Utah that weekend.  We went with Gloria, Daniella, Jason, and precious Jordan!  Park City was absolutely beautiful, and although it was a very quick trip, we had a BLAST!  Here are some pics to prove our fun!  (I promise Dani, Jason, and Jordy were there.  I can't get access to the other pictures we have, but as soon as I do, they will be posted.  Also, I put these in order, but now they're not.  Sorry!)

Getting ready for the wedding. 

 Gigi entertaining Ryder with iPhone.  Thank you Gigi! 
 We ate delicious pizza at this really cool place on Main St. I think Jordy liked it! 
 Not a happy camper!

 This is my favorite picture!  What a handsome dude!
 Ryder, the Dancing Machine!
 The beautiful MARRIED couple!

 Groomsmen and Groom....yes, holding hands.  So sweet = ) 
 ...and then things got crazy!

 The night Marc and I met...this was the move that reeled me in! haha!

 Oh cowboy!
 During the reception, it started snowing.  It was BEAUTIFUL! 
 I wish this picture was clear, but it really makes me laugh. Just look at it for a min.  Look at Ryder's expression and where Jordan's hand is, but she is also giving him a kiss.  Just like a woman!  haha! 

 It didn't snow too much while we were there, but this is what we woke up to Sunday morning!  It was beautiful!
 Ryder thought so too!

 My little snow angel!
Thank you Gigi for making this trip possible!  We had a BLAST!!!  I'll post the other pictures as soon as I get them!