Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ryder Boone Ramirez

Well, Ryder is finally here, and let's just say he came in with a BANG! That's right, no normal entrance for this little man!  He wanted to make sure everyone was paying attention!  
We got to the hospital at 7:15am on Thursday.  Everything was going great UNTIL...well, until it wasn't!  I started running pretty high fever and Ryder's heart beat was not consistent.  It dropped and then went high repeatedly.  You can only imagine the scare he gave us.  So, this continued for a bit and the dr. continued to monitor me.  Around 5:15 we decided a C-section would be the safest way to go.  They took me back and our baby Ryder was born at 5:58!  I couldn't see when they pulled him out.  This is all I heard, "WOW....Oh my, that's a BIG baby!"  Ryder came into this world weighing 9lbs even and measuring 22inches.  He is BEAUTIFUL!!! Because of the drama before hand and my fever, Ryder has to be in the NICU for a few days.  Yesterday he was granted permission to come down to our room and visit for awhile.  He is just the most amazing little person.  Everyone was right...words cannot express the way a newborn baby changes you the minute he is born.  I am a whole new person!  
I'm not sure when we'll be leaving the hospital, but I'll keep you posted!  Here are some pictures of Ryder's birthday and the day after.  

Marc surprised me with this when we got to the hospital.  Yes, I have the best husband ever! The nurse said it is a "push present" haha! 
Here we go...ready or not! 
Ryder Boone Ramirez
The proud families!

Yes, I was tired! 


  1. He is SO beautiful! I am glad to hear that all of you are doing well. Congratulations! (I am a friend of Lindsey's btw--we've met a couple of times)

  2. I missed this entry Carly, but congrats at any rate!!! He is absolutely beautiful! Mark my will look back on his entrance as the marker for all things to come with his personality!