Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Mom and Dad and Waiting for Ryder...

Mom and Dad - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!  I am so luck to have the greatest parents in the whole world!  Thank you for the values you taught me and all of the memories we have together.  I am blessed beyond belief to have you as my parents.  I love y'all so much!!  Lucky for your two, my scanner isn't working.  If it was the afro pic would be posted below! haha

SO....tomorrow is the BIG day!  My mom has told me how important it is that I get a good night's sleep tonight.  However, I couldn't even sleep last night thinking about what's to come.  It's crazy how our lives are about to change.  I have had so many thoughts running through my head.  The one that keeps reoccurring, other than how excited I am to meet Ryder, is "I'm not old enough to be a mom!"  I still feel like that little girl running around Cobblestone playing kick the can on summer nights and torturing my little sister (sorry Haley!).  It's amazing how fast time flies by.  That being said, old enough or not...he's coming!!!  We have to call the hospital at 5AM and hopefully they will tell us to come right in.  Then, we'll get there and Ryder will be in my arms an hour later.  That's how it works, right?!?  haha!!  Please pray for us and an easy delivery.  Please pray that Ryder is healthy and all goes well.  Also, please pray for my mom and dad traveling to Houston.  I'll post an up date as soon as I am able!!   Here are some pictures Marc took this weekend:


  1. Congrats on the upcoming arrival Carly!!! Your Mom is right about the sleep thing, but I can attest to just how impossible that is! I know what you mean about not feeling old enough to be a mom either and yet, here I sit 8 years into marriage with 2 precious little boys! (4 almost 5 and 2). It's so surreal at times, but man it's awesome!

    Best of luck tomorrow!

  2. Ahhh I want to rub your belly! I'm your sister and allowed to do that without it being annoying! I love the pictures... you are so cute, sister!

    Also, I happen to have that afro picture you mentioned on my computer at this very moment...

    Can't wait to meet the little dude! Talk to you tomorrow! xoxo

  3. for some reason i started cryin when i was reading this...feel like we were just sitting up at the courthouse on a saturday night!!!

  4. Ok Mandy, now you're going to make me cry! haha! I should be home in September sometime. I know you're going to be gone. Hopefully, it works out where i can see you. if not, I'll be home for Thanksgiving!
    ** Thanks Haley and Kellye for your comments. I love getting comments! haha!

  5. Soooo glad he is finally here, sister! I love you tons!!!!!

  6. HI carly(mrs.ramirez)i am Angie Lira.i was one of your 4th grade students now i am in fifth grade in another school called Westwood Elemantary,not at Hairgrove Elementary.I moved to an apartment. I miss you alot, i hope i see you again is so cute! synceraly,Angie Lira