Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Funday Saturday!

Not quite the same concept as Sunday Funday, but we took Ryder out on the town the past few Saturdays.  We had tons of fun with our little dude!  He is growing and learning so so much, and we are just absolutely in love with him!  Here are some pics of our adventures. 

Our first trip to the Children's Museum...I think he was a little too young, but we still had a blast! 

Watching the puppet show!

 Dr. Ramirez, Jr. 

 He melts my heart! 
 Oh yeah, just chillin on the terrace. 

The following weekend we took Ryder to the park.  He played soccer, and we all just enjoyed the beautiful weather! 

 My first S'more! 

 I love this pic!
 Yes, Fisher is pulling the wagon.  Don't judge...he liked it.  

So....why all the PINK you ask??!?!  because...IT'S A GIRL!  Baby girl Ramirez will be here in June!  I wanted to post this blog with a name, but...we don't have one YET.  Stay tuned! 


  1. Oh I just love that little man! It looks like his hair is getting darker. He is quite a bit bigger than he was on his first trip to the children's museum! My little fella is growing up... make him stop!!!! :) Love you sister!

  2. I forgot you took him! Now that i think about it...i think we talked about that recently. Do yhou have any pics from when you took him? Love you!

  3. First of all, I am laughing out loud at Fisher pulling the wagon. I hope no PETA members view your blog! Haha! That is so funny! I am going to hook Levi up to our wagon when I get home & see what he can do! :) Secondly, LOVE the pics- and the one of Marc & Ryder is so cute! Love you!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS Carly, Marc & Ryder!!! You're going to have SO MUCH fun with a little girl (as I am sure Lindsey has already shown you with Hazel). I am so happy for you and your family!!! Give your sister hugs for me next time you get to see her, I miss that girl! :)