Thursday, September 9, 2010

Calming down....

Well, things are starting to slow down around here.  Mom left and now Marc is going back to work.  He is going back tomorrow, and I am super sad.  Gigi and Mamo are coming over tonight to see Ryder.  He is really excited!
Yesterday we went to see the dr.  Our little man now weighs 10 pounds and 1 oz.  He is 22 inches long!  Yes, he eats ALL of the time!  I had to start pumping so we could keep up with how much he eats.  I only kept track for one day because it was SOOO much!  I just put on Tom and Jerry for him, but he wasn't interested.    He is now in his Nap Nanny staring out the window. He LOVES the light!
Not much has been going on.  We are starting to get the hang of this parenting thing.  Fortunately, breastfeeding is going GREAT!  So great in fact, Marc says we're going to open a dairy farm!  haha!  Ok, that's gross, but funny! I feel really blessed that it is coming easy for me.  The past few nights Ryder has slept from 11:00pm until about 4:00am and then is up for good around 7:30 or 8:00.  Not bad, right?!
OH!!  The greatest news of all...we went to the audiologist today and is hearing is GREAT!  He passed the hearing test in both ears.  The dr. said that the left ear (originally the one in question) scored higher than the right ear!  So, both ears passed! Thank you for all of the prayers! 
I extended my maternity leave for a week and a half.  It already makes me really sad thinking about leaving him.  That's one thing I need to work on...STOP THINKING AHEAD!!  I always get sad thinking about it and I really just need to enjoy the time I have and be thankful I get time off!

Happy Happy Birthday to my Dad.  I love you soooooooo much and hope you have  terrific day.  I can't wait to see you soon!!!

I go to the dr tomorrow for me.  It will be my 2 week check up.  Hopefully he will release me to drive.  I was ready a couple of days after surgery.  I was about to hop in the driver's seat and my mom was like, "You can't drive for 2 weeks!"  Seriously?  That is something they should tell you when you are NOT on heavy medication and will remember!  I have no memory of anyone talking to me about not driving!  Thanks for looking out for me Mom!

Well, that's it for me.  GO MISSISSIPPI STATE!!!  I'll be watching you in Texas and Ryder will be representing!!  Last thing, I want to leave you with this video that one of Marc's friends posted.  I have watched it so many times and laugh even more the more I watch it.  I hope I can post it correctly.  Enjoy!! Be sure to listen to the girl after "it" happens.  HILARIOUS!!!!


  1. Okay...cannot comment without first commenting on that video. My head hurts from laughing so hard. OMG that was awesome!!!!

    Congrats on the hearing test too!!! First of many successes I'm sure!

    Glad to hear that bfing is going so well too! I had wonderful nursing experiences with my boys and was able to nurse Hayden for 6 months and Sebastian for a full year. It was wonderful!!! Be sure to tell EVERYONE you can. There's far too many horror stories out there about bad bfing experiences that we should try to counter them with good ones!

  2. Kellye, you're SO right. I had a fear of even trying it because I heard so many awful things about it. I will tell everyone!! I think it's GREAT! It's really true that it is an awesome bonding experience! I hope I can do it when I go back to work. Hopefully it works out. Thanks for the comment!

  3. YAY! I just knew his hearing test would be just fine! I love the updates and congrats on breast feeding. I so loved to bf my girls and now that they are toddlers I miss it terribly! BTW-that video...HILARIOUS, although I do feel super bad for that poor girl!